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March 1, 2018

Based on your 2022 season, your guaranteed revenue is:


At the end of the Benefit Period, if you haven’t made at least this much in revenue on ABC, your account will be credited the difference.
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Benefit Period:
Jul 31
September 29, 2023
Offer Expires:
July 31, 2023
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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers

How much does Revenue Protection cost?

You can expect to pay between x% and y% of your nightly rate, depending on factors such as RV type and amenities

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How is Revenue Protection calculated and when do I receive a pay out?

Coverage amounts are calculated based on your RV and annual revenue. It is adjusted on an annual basis. You receive pay outs via _______ (not sure if it’s cash payout or credits toward fees) at ___ interval

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What happens if my availability is under what’s required?

What happens if my availability is under what’s required?

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What if I book my RV on another platform?

Booking your RV on another platform decreases the potential Revenue Protection that you could be receiving. Since your benefit is based on previous year’s income, more bookings on RVShare means more potential benefit. You can still book on another platform, just be sure to update your calendar.

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How will Revenue Protection be adjusted from year to year?

Your benefit will be adjusted at the beginning of each year, prior to your RV season, to reflect the changes in your business, primarily based on your inventory and previous year’s annual revenue.

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What scenarios are excluded from this Revenue Protection?

We exclude some circumstances from being covered under our benefit, including but not limited to terrorism, communicable disease, and deliberate sabotage by host. For full terms and conditions of this benefit, please click here.

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How do I sign up?

To sign up for Revenue Protection, please

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Worried about slowdowns in bookings?

We get it. That’s why we launched Revenue Protection.

What is Revenue Protection?

Revenue Protection is a guaranteed minimum revenue that we are offering as an optional benefit for our owners.

The guarantee is offered at the beginning of your season and covers you in the case that incoming reservations are less than you would have hoped. Our guaranteed amount is based on a percentage of your previous seasons and lasts for the 6 months starting at the top of your season.

New to the platform? No worries as we can create a guarantee based on similar RVs in your area.

All you need to do is maximize the availability on your calendar, stay within our Smart Pricing Recommendations, and continue to be a great host.

Have peace of mind during your season knowing exactly the minimum amount of revenue that you’ll earn.
If you receive less booking revenue than your guaranteed amount, we’ll cover the difference!

Guaranteed Revenue based on your RV
Adjusted based on your calendar
Universal backstop for owners

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