Coverage for this crisis and the next

Your business went through massive disruption from COVID19, and is still recovering. The next catastrophe is likely to be something we can't anticipate.

We are designing modern business-interruption insurance for you.

Product Lines

On-Premise Transaction Protection

For businesses that rely on physical customers, including retail, restaurants, attractions, and event venues.

Airline Passenger Volume Protection

For businesses that rely on passenger arrivals including airlines, airports, tourist destinations, and related travel operators.

Guest Booking Protection

For businesses that rely on overnight guest bookings such as hotels and nearby tourism.

Supply-Chain Transit Protection

For buyers, makers, and sellers who rely on physical delivery of goods via ship or plane.

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Businesses around the world have experienced major disruptions in recent years that are not covered by traditional business interruption insurance. COVID in 2020-21 (ongoing), terrorist attacks in Europe 2015-2017, Gilet Jaune protests in 2018, and Zika fears in 2016, to name a few. As the economy re-opens and consumers cautiously return to normal, OTT Risk seeks to remove uncertainty from your strategic planning with a new form of cover. Coverage is 'all-risk' and parametric, meaning the next unknown interruption is covered and the claims are paid without lengthy adjudication.

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